A photograph from the inspirational bin – 45

A photograph of a plane sitting on the tarmac is hardly the stuff of inspiration, is it?

Or could it be?

So, firstly, it looks like it’s at a regional airport, it’s a relatively small plane, and it’s a bleak sort of day. To qualify all that, it’s at Hobart, Tasmania, a capital city of one of the southern Australian states, but not a large one, so the airport doesn’t have airbridge gates, you still get that walk-out-to-the-plane feeling.

Not fun when it’s raining.

The aeroplane is a Boeing 717, so not very large, and the photograph was taken in June, the first month of winter.

In thriller style, to escape the mainland and try to hide out, if you’re trying to hide, coming to Tasmania might just be the ticket. Or not, if you are somewhat ostentatious.

Hobart, to a certain extent, isn’t much larger than a country town on the mainland, so to hide in plain sight might be more difficult than it seems.

If, on the other hand, you;re looking for a complete change of scenery…

Then there’s the possibility of disappearing deeper into the southern mists, getting a job as a scientist on Antarctica (or maybe something else) and leave Hobart on one of the regular ships leaving there.

In thriller speak, our protagonist could swap places with a real candidate, and head south to definitely hide away, or even for some other more sinister reason.

This was possibly the plot line of an Alistair McLean story, Ice Station Zebra, only it was the north pole.

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