A photograph from the inspirational bin – 43

This is a blow hole, where the sea meets a rocking shoreline, and when there’s a big enough swell, crashes through to the other side.

On a quiet day, there’s nothing to see.

On a stormy day, when the waves are crashing into the base of the cliffs, water comes crashing through, and leaves the swirling, foamy water that can be seen above.

An interesting oddity, but nothing to fuel the imagination.


What if, aside from the blowhole, there are caves, or there’s an underwater opening, and a channel leading up to it?

What if those caves were supposedly used by pirates to store treasure.

What if there is an underwater channel, and it is being used by small submarines to get to a base that has been hewn our of the rock?

What if no one knew until one night, a photographer, looking for caves to photograph and explore is investigating when people suddenly appear from nowhere?

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