A photograph from the inspirational bin – 42

This is a relic from the past; one of the original buildings in Hobart, Tasmania, and one can only imagine what it was like back when it was first built.

Certainly not a lot of what is surrounding it now, because it would have been the house of someone wealthy or high up on the government payroll, with a lot of land surrounding it.

So, Hobart started in 1804, and so history around the 1820’s, perhaps a reasonable time to write about, would give some scope to give the story, Given that Norfolk Islanders arrived in 1807, and free settlers arrived in 1820, my first thought would be to a narrative about coming from England to Van Dieman’s Land, and how different it would be.

History could provide many stories.

Turning to the modern day, what secrets does an old building hold?

We could assume that a building, such as the one like that above, has fallen into disrepair, but holds some secret which is the reason why it has lain empty. Did someone simply die, or where they murdered, and when – perhaps a hundred years before.

Are there ghosts, seen by people or just rumours generated by overactive imaginations.

Could it be the result of a dispute between warring relatives, beneficiaries or not?

Or is something buried there, like the fortune of the original owner, supposedly lost in the mists of time?

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