A photograph from the inspirational bin – 41

It’s hard to believe this location is just a few miles from the heart of Hobart, on the road to the top of Mt Wellington.

We were there in winter, not the best time to be going south towards Antarctica, but then, it’s hot most of the time here, and we have to get away from it sometime.

But, what story does this photograph conjure up?

The first thing that comes to mind is staggering out of the forest, three days lost, freezing cold, onto a road, the first sign of civilization, and hope of being rescued.

A car comes…

Yes, it’s that sort of story. Not a rescue but something a whole lot worse.

Then there’s that variation, that the kidnapper locked you up in a cabin deep in the forest with only foot tracks to follow. You break out, get lost trying to find the right trail back and stumble onto the road at exactly the same time the kidnapper is returning.

Talk about bad luck.

Second, you’re part of a work retreat, you know the sort of thing, where everyone gets together in a remote place and bond. Except there’s a killer among you, and it’s a race against time to find him or her, and the bodies mount up.

That’s a fascinating story, if you were there, that you might take to the grave…

…sooner than you think.

Third, and probably the best of the three, two people wanting to get away from everything and rediscover what it is they lost.

If only we could get the time to do that, with kids, ever-increasing bills, ever-increasing demands from employers and a government hell-bent on sending everyone to the poverty line.

Damn, I knew that story was too good to be true!

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