A photograph from the inspirational bin – 40

This was taken from the plane on our way home from Melbourne to Brisbane and we were on approach to Brisbane airport.

Aside from the fact whenever we are returning home, we are relieved, glad to be coming home, and always tired. The thing is, you always come back from holidays exhausted.

So, what sort of inspiration can this provide?

One: The obvious, coming home, tired, from a hard mission in the field. A worn storyline, no one knows what you really do, and think you’re just coming back from another sales trip or conference.

Sometimes it’s hard to hide the injuries when things go wrong. Broken bones mean elaborate excuses not to come home, bruising, you walked into a door, drunk, everyone thinking injuries cause by drink are funny, and forgetting to bring back holiday trinkets, is unforgivable.

Trying to blend into normal society, is a battle in itself.

Two: A little more elaborate, coming home to see the family after being away for a long time, for reasons that no one really wants to remember. Old feuds are lurking, and hurt remains, particularly between father and son, or mother and daughter.

Old flames are there still, either successful, married, unmarried, or divorced or widowed.

Whatever the situation, it’s still water under the bridge, and still with a possibility of drowning.

Three: and one I haven’t thought of using but has merits, being shunted into witness protection in the boondocks. A city person unable to cope with open country, fresh air, and mountains.

Or a country person lost in the concrete jungle, and having far more trouble to get into.

There’s more, I’m sure, and will no doubt add to the list over time.

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