NaNoWriMo – April – 2023 — Day 25

“The Things We Do For Love”

Suitably warned off, and after agreeing to wait for the word to come to rescue her, one Henry feels sceptical about, they return to Henry’s hotel room and toast their good luck and savour the air conditioning.

And start making other foolish plans, like rescuing Angie and Millie, her friends, as a means of hastening Michelle’s decision to leave with them.  Like any plan made without knowing all the facts, it is fraught with danger.

Radly tells Henry that his view of their world was stilted by his background, that not everyone wants to be saved, and that they just might like the life they have.  Henry, of course, doesn’t get it, nor realise what he thinks and how he acts has been shaped by the world he lives in.  It’s a shattering truth he still doesn’t consider possible.

Despite Radly’s reservations, that doesn’t stop them.  Knowing where Angie lives, they make the assumption that Angie would want to be rescued, and suitably fortified by cold beer, they depart.

Doing something, or anything is preferable to sitting around doing nothing.

It was a mission that was destined to fail, but not for the reasons Radly postulated.

When they get to her apartment the door is open.  Inside they are met with the unexpected and tragic consequences of a user that has just pushed the envelope a little too far.

They find Angie dead from an overdose.

For her, the knights in shining armour are too late.

Words written 4,769, for a total of 94,346

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