NaNoWriMo – April – 2023 — Day 21

“The Things We Do For Love”

The search goes on.  The names are more exotics, the décor sometimes outrageous, and the girls from interesting to not so interesting.

It certainly isn’t cheap, but Radly said it wouldn’t be.

All of the women in charge either knew Radly, or the Turk, some with displeasure, others, well maybe it was all displeasure.  They were forcibly taken over, and it would make a good subplot to have them all simmering over the take-back plan.

Perhaps that could be part of the end.  It just means that Michelle has to take care of him, and by now I’ve decided that she will be if she can get the help and the means.

Originally, I considered a simple solution, Henry comes along, finds her, and they escape after rescuing two of her friends, and helping bring about the Turk’s downfall.

It just occurred to me that there should be a subplot involving police detectives, coming at the problem from a different aspect, and the two should meet.

Oops, that means a bit of backtracking and a small rewrite.

Now, she’s going to take the Turk and Felix down. 

It might also mean I have to go back to the start, and flesh out a little more of Micelle’s background, leading up to, and why she ended up in Morganville.


Oh, and handing out a photo of her might just raise a little unwanted attention.  We shall see…

Words written 6,074, for a total of 76,459

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