NaNoWriMo – April – 2023 — Day 19

“The Things We Do For Love”

It’s time to get some experienced help.

Often Radly his friend from the ship had regaled him with stories of his exploits in the red-light district.  Henry never quite believes most of it, but he was prepared to accept that he might know enough to be of some help.

Henry didn’t want to be visiting the parlours on his own.

But it does mean he has to tell him the true nature of the girl he met and wanted to go after.

Radly is honest, knowing a lot of the girls in the area, most either were not worth the effort, or more likely content with their lot and didn’t want to be rescued.  Poor souls who tried often ended up on the wrong end of a bouncer’s fist.

Exactly what Henry wants to avoid.

So, is Radly up for the challenge.

To find her, yes, but if she is trouble, or in trouble, or likely to cause trouble, then no.

Henry has to be prepared to walk away.

He accepts the conditions, and the quest begins after dark.

Words written 3,729, for a total of 66,306

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