NaNoWriMo – 2023 – Day 0

Before it all begins

Anyone can write a book.

It’s an extravagant statement and not necessarily true, but often used by relatives when one of their numbers says they’ve written a book.

My brother said that when I told him I’d written one

I didn’t tell him that I’d written a dozen and published five, it seemed irrelevant at the time.

But as easy or hard as it may be to write one, writing a second is so much harder.

This year, I’m tackling a book I started nearly 35 years ago when I first married my wife and discovered she liked reading Mills and Boon Romance stories.

There was always a stack of them in the restroom, so I took to reading one, and after a few chapters, I decided I could write one for her to read.

Of course, writing the first 100 pages was easy. Then it got hard, because I’m a thriller writer, not a romance writer, and suddenly it veered off into thriller land.

And the end result left it on the shelf.

Then, things happened, the book was put to one side, and over the years other stories became the focus.

Yes, I did keep writing, and yes, I eventually finished it, but it sat in a box for nearly 15 years before I brought it out.

In the last few years, with COVID preventing me from leaving the house, the story got moved to the top of the pile, underwent three rewrites, and now just needs to be finished.

It recently acquired the title ‘The Things We Do For Love’, and is the project for this year’s April NaNoWriMo.

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