Travelling after a pandemic: Destination Hobart – 6

Hobart in June – Winter – Day 6 – Thursday

The next day we try a different fish and chips vendor.  It was a good idea to go back to Mures and have the flathead, but I was foolish and wanted a different experience

And not be disappointed.

In the end, we selected Fishy Business

This order comprised battered flake, battered flathead, hoping that it would be similar to yesterday, sea scallops in batter, chips, two potato cakes, and tartar sauce.

The battered flake was excellent.

The battered flathead was scraps, three small pieces which were probably imported from Vietnam, definitely not fresh or local and, sadly, terrible.

The scallops were delicious.

The potato cakes were alright, but not strictly potatoes cakes, but the sort you get from a supplier.  The real potato cakes game batter around a thin slice of potato.  They had mashed potatoes, and the batter was not very nice.

For the price we paid, it was enough to say I’d never go back there again.  You’d think as a place on the sea they could get it right, making the food themselves, but it gets a mega fail.  Only the flake was definitely local.

Maybe next time we’ll try Flippers.


There were other sights and on the obligatory walk after eating, we came across a sailing ship

This ship is called the Windeward Bound,  a two-masted brigantine-rigged vessel, and for the sailing buffs, Windeward Bound is rigged with four square sails, three headsails, three staysails between the masts, a gaff mainsail and gaff topsail, totalling 12 sails in all. The total sail area is 402 m2 (4,330 sq ft)

Later we visited the Mawson Hut Replica Museum, and it is authentic in almost every detail. And amazing that 17 men could actually stay together in it and not feel claustrophobic.

It was an eerie experience, and extremely interesting. I could not imagine myself staying in it down in Antarctica, in the freezing conditions.

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