Travelling after a pandemic: Destination Hobart

Hobart in June – Winter – Day 5 – Wednesday

We ate at the wharves, and a place called Mures, which has sit-down eating.

Originally we were going to get lunch at Flippers, or one of three choices along the wharf.

The only problem was nowhere to sit and eat.

This means you have to hope the food at Mures tastes any good.

So, we order a curried scallop pie with chips and potato salad, a serving of battered flathead, and crumbed prawns.

While we were waiting I got a bottle of Tasmanian champagne.

Then it arrives.  The battered flathead also has a mountain of chips and we are going to be struggling to eat all of them.

The battered flathead was, as the saying goes, to die for.  It’s the best-battered fish I’ve had in a long time.

The curried scallop pie brought back a lot of bad memories of my mother’s curried sausages.  It’s the same curry taste, and I used to hate it

It was also similar to the four and twenty curried meat pies I used to have 50 years ago as a teen, with exactly the same taste.

Sadly it was not a pleasant experience, but the flathead more than made up for it.  The potato salad was delicious too, but for something so simple, so many people manage to stuff it up.  This was exactly how I like it.

The champagne was very good too, so the whole experience was above average.  Pity about the scallop pie.  More scallops and less curry would make it a more pleasant experience.

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