The colour purple

You would think, being one of a dozen colours that pip onto your head when asked, name a dozen colours, that it would be easy to find almost anything.


We are on a quest to find bridesmaid dresses in, you guessed it, any shade of purple.

We might as well be looking for gold nuggets.  In fact, we’d have a better chance of finding gold than a purple dress.

And, seven stores later, five of which are specialty fashion boutiques, sorry, no one is doing purple. Maybe a dash here or there, but it’s lost in the overall dress that may have flowers or a Picasso abstract.

OK, so the dresses are for a 15-year-old and a 12-year-old, you would think you could go to a Target, or K Mart, or Cotton On, or perhaps the Guess type of store that caters to that 13 to 25 market.

Think again.

Purple, mauve, lilac, or any shade in between just isn’t on the rack.

I suddenly consider the notion of phoning a supermodel and then convincing her to wear every shade of purple every waking hour in public, thus setting a new trend.

I’m betting that within a week, every store on the planet will have purple clothes in stock.

Of course, there is only one flaw in the master plan. I don’t know any supermodels.

So, this search is going to have a bad ending. I’m guessing the bride’s decision for purple and white as the signature color scheme was made before discovering that practically nothing comes in purple.

No the way, it was originally lilac, but that is impossible, not unless there are about 3 years before the wedding and you can get to Hong Kong to have the dresses specially made.

We’ve got about three weeks.

Yes, there’s another thing about this wedding. From announcement to the big day, is six weeks. Logistically, it can’t be done. Practically, there’s going to be a ward in the mental hospital for the wedding party, even if they pull it off.

Meanwhile, it’s back on the trail. There’s one more level to trawl, in what is a very large shopping mall.

And for the first day after the easing of many of the drastic Covid restrictions, it seems everyone for miles around has descended on this very place.


Then, majestically appearing through the mist…

No, not sunshine! A purple dress.

I am all astonishment. And, it’s not just one, there are several.

Hold that thought…

Alas, we find the dress, but not the colour, well, not in that store. Now it’s a matter of phoning other stores to see if they have any purple stock.

I’ll let you know what happens next!

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