“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 8 Days

So what’s been happening?

Surveillance is in full swing, both at home and at the external office.

David discovers that Susan has a stepbrother, firstly by overhearing a conversation at the external office where works as the architect of the Russian palace rebuild, a man he has seen before.

He has a rather interesting name, was born in East Berlin to the same father, and different mothers, and has to go on a field trip.

David can see an opportunity to talk to him and follows him to France.

But, someone else is there which takes him very much by surprise and injects a sinister undertone to the visit.  Not everything is as it seems.

It’s also a chance to interrogate one of the new security team, accompanying him on his field trip, one that yields some very interesting information about the leader of the security team, and not-so-good news for the bodyguard.

When David returns, Alisha is discharged from the hospital and insists on helping David with the surveillance of the external office.

They are ensconced in a hotel room opposite the office, and her closeness brings problems for David of a different sort.

More is learned about why the new security team recommended by Prendergast is at Susan’s, and what might need to be done to help get rid of them, sooner rather than later; something that involves an estranged wife and missing daughter.

But just how are all of these titbits of information and characters connected, in what David no doubt believes is another of Prendergast’s elaborate schemes.

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