“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 10 Days

Staring at the ceiling

David has time on his hands, and time to be alone with his thoughts can have a strange effect on the mind, and in David’s case, it gave him time to think about the new Susan.

Yes, it was Susan on the outside, and mostly on the inside, but with a few modifications, some brought on by the elevation to Lady Featherington, in charge of a conglomeration of businesses, others from the treatment her father meted out in the process of creating a clone to steal everything her family owned.

That in itself could be life-changing.


There was something about the new Susan that was odd, because as far as David was concerned, people didn’t change that much, despite circumstances.

Like, she was much less inhibited, the old Susan was, if anything, a person who, even in pyjamas, would have no more than soft indirect lighting.  Not anymore.

The old Susan didn’t like the idea of having a personal assistant, did everything for herself, and had a disdain for all men.  Now, it seemed she had two personal assistants, and a gaggle of men in two wherever she went, even flirted with them.

She had a home office that hadn’t been specifically declared out of bounds, but when he breached it, she moved everything to a new office.  It surprised him that she thought he would not find it.

She professed in the beginning that he would be enough for her security, but that changed, for some reason, after the stay in Greve, and he deduced something had happened relating to him that changed her mind, something put in her head by Prendergast, the godfather who was seemingly more in her life the David was.

There was no doubt in David’s mind that Prendergast had recommended the new security team.  Why, when he knew David’s capabilities were far superior to the new guy?

David’s mind ran through the details and came to the deduction that Prendergast didn’t want Davis spending 24/7 time with his wife.  Prendergast obviously knew some of the detail of the arrangement David had with Susan, that he would walk away if she wanted him to, but she hadn’t.

The opposite was true.  And flirting with danger, David decided to call her and make dates, telling her back to before they were married, meeting in strange places, staying in sleazy hotel rooms, and sneaking out under the noses of the security team.

She did this willingly, so it was not Susan who wanted him to stay away, it was Prendergast.

And by default, Prendergast didn’t want David too close to the new security team, which meant that was not squeaky clean.  A job for Alisha’s research team, just who was he, and every member of that team.  Dossiers were requested.

Prendergast was up to something like he always was, and David was going to find out what it was.

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