“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 11 Days

Secrets do not remain secrets

The basic job of any secret agent or spy or whatever anyone wants to call them is to find out information that the target doesn’t want anyone else to know about.

It was what David had been very good at, and, in fact, still was.  Just because he had to retire for health reasons didn’t diminish that ability, but he had hoped he wouldn’t have to use those skills again.

A forlorn hope to be sure.

One of his real advantages was that he didn’t look like a spy or secret agent, and was quite often simply overlooked or ignored, the man you would not give a first look let alone a second.

It didn’t make him any less lethal than the obvious guy, and in a bad situation, he was always underestimated.

Susan knew his tenacity, and just how dangerous he could be having seen it first-hand.

Her new head of security and his men did not, other than the exhibition he gave them in the front foyer on that first visit.

That might have been more luck than ability because it didn’t faze them.

This much was obvious from the overheard conversations picked by the microphones David had strategically placed in various locations, bugs designed to be found, which they were, and bugs that were not.

And when the enemy was overconfident, well, that’s when things get interesting.

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