“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 14 Days

Let the fun begin

Today we’re dealing with problems on all fronts.

After the assassination attempt in Russia, it was up to Boris to save them from the local security services and ensure their return home.

Alisha had not fully recovered and arrived back only to be sent to the hospital.

Prendergast and David have a very loud argument over several matters, the main one that he has been associating with a high-ranking FSB officer – Boris.

It ends with David being sent to a debriefing that was tantamount to torture, conducted by the department’s two best interrogators, oddly nicknamed Boris and Natasha.

David survives and a free to go home.

Only home is no longer the place it used to be.

There’s a new security team in place, and by accident, his name was left off the list of those with access to the Featherington London residence.

A number of broken bones and dishevelled security guards later, David makes it very clear what he thinks of them, and the fact he will not be staying with Susan. He is also sad to discover the new head of her security team is both the man he saw in Monaco with Jos, the one Susan was covertly observing before he derailed their meeting up, and the same man appearing in a set of revealing photographs of the two of them together.

Susan will, in the very near future, have some explaining to do.

There’s no doubt that despite what she might have done with the other man, David takes their relationship to another level, and makes sure his rival knows his place.

And there’s equally no doubt that rival was going to be very, very dead if he was not more careful.

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