“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 16 Days

Third time’s the charm

There are three things going on here, well, that’s going on in Yaroslavl.

The first is that David’s old handler is losing it over the fact he had upped and gone to Moscow, Russia.  Old handlers always suspect their charges that go to Russia are looking to defect.  That isn’t David’s intention, but he knows Prendergast is never going to see reason.

The fact he sent one of his minders along, presumably to drag him back home is reason to suspect a major breakout of paranoia.

The second was a visit to the palace ruins, but it was going to take someone with more imagination than he had to see what the attraction is.  Whatever had been there, in that peaceful, tranquil spot must have had an air of magnificence about it.

Of course, Susan turns up, and they have words, and things might have gone smoother if it had not been for Prendergast’s minder.

Enough said, for the moment.

Back at the hotel, having missed the flight back with Susan, David gets to relive some of those lingering thoughts of Alisha, though he doesn’t act on them.

The third event, it was nearly a case of third-time lucky as the assassination attempt was almost successful.

Sadly, Alicia is nearly killed, and they need Boris to rescue them.

Two spies, a major injury and a dead body in a hotel room spell trouble in any country, but more so in Russia.

Could things get any more complicated?

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