“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 18 Days

A familiar face

Ensconced in the hotel foyer before the appointed time, as someone other than David Cheney, or David Bentley for that matter, he observes the arrival, at the appointed time, of Susan and her entourage, and a man he recognises from a previous party.

She has the three maids with her, but they are not maids.  Or if they are, they like to dress up like security guards, right down to the black suits and almost hidden earpieces.

Time to have some fun.

And try to work out who it might be that wanted to tell him about Susan’s travels and activities.  The man she’s with is not staying in the same room, but that didn’t mean anything, but she’d never given him any reason to believe she would have an affair.

And the guy didn’t look to him to be affair material.

Of course, he had to factor in the ordeal she had been through might have changed her somewhat, but leopards don’t change their spots that quickly.


David is surprised, on one hand, that Boris is in Monaco.

On the other, after a humorous afternoon, he accidentally runs into Susan who is no doubt at the casino to see another but has to settle for an errant husband.

At least David gets to spend the night with her, and as a bonus gets to discover who her new head of security is.  And, he doesn’t like him at all.

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