“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 21 days

Are you David, or are you, well, David?

Spies never really use their real names.  David was no exception, not that he was a spy anymore, but slipping back into that life again, if only for a few days, he travelled under the name of David Bentley.

He learned the hard way a long time ago to keep his first name, because sometimes, with another, you might not respond to it, and give the game away.

He also had a lot of expert help in transforming into someone else, and the man who landed in the Riviera looked nothing like David Cheney.

And it was oddly satisfying to have something to do.

But first things first, we have an interesting character to introduce, a man who is as enigmatic as David himself.

And one who knows David by various names, and whom David came across in Moscow in the middle of a mission that went sideways.

Boris, last name unpronounceable, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps, in the end, the right place, depending on your point of view.

David ended up saving his life, and in the process of becoming friends, of a sort, when asked, Boris decided to tell him he was a humble policeman.

Of course, he is anything but a ‘humble’ policeman, and in making a new friend, considered one day that friendship might be mutually beneficial.

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