“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 27 days

With the best of intentions

Susan is used to the best things in life, being a very rich Lady Featherington, and staying in three-star tourist hotels, which is where David is staying, is somewhat downmarket for her.  For one night, it’s just a short stopover on her way back home, with David officially accompanying her as her spouse to be introduced to the world.

Not exactly his idea.

Perhaps she might find it amusing, but they have a history in staying in such hotels before they were married, and then it was ‘fun’.

With her arrival is a few unwanted and unwelcomed others, and David seeks these people out and warns them off.

Back together again since their last spell together in Greve, he is beginning to notice the little changes in her, perhaps from her time in incarceration, not enough to cause an issue, but is food for thought.

As background to this, Alisha advises that she is investigating Susan’s increased travels to Russia, and Moscow in particular, and requests David to assist with a subtle interrogation.  Perhaps later.

Sadly, the trip back home will not be in the company jet but on a commercial flight.

And, very nearly not the triumphant return expected when another assassination attempt happens at the airport.

Fortunately, Alisha is there once again to save him, patch him up, and send him home.

It begs the question; who wants him dead?

Red herrings are a large part of spy stories, what is real, and what is not. it doesn’t help sometimes if the writer is not sure!

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