A photograph from the Inspirational bin – 29

That notion of being down the beach, or wading out just a little further to dive into the incoming waves, on a very hot day, seems quite inviting.

It is here, on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, otherwise known as Surfer’s Paradise.

But we know there’s more going on under the surface…

For instance:

My first thought is, what if there is a shark lurking just beyond the surf line – not unimaginable even now where we seem to be having more shark attacks than ever.

Then there’s the scenario where we are stuck on a desert island, and I’m guessing there have to be a few left somewhere out there when someone could get washed ashore after their boat gets smashed by a huge storm.

Or, more than one if it’s a large boat, and the people aboard don’t have to get along, with unfinished business, or the uncovering of funny business.

Or it could be a beside-the-sea setting of a romance that is about to blossom or bomb. It could be make or break time for a marriage when along comes a beach body that is more than a distraction, and more than makes up for the shortcomings of the partner.

Another and one I might yet explore: Invasion

A resource rick island nation with a fledgling army gets invaded by a larger country. What happens next could be the start of the third, and most likely last, world war.

In another variation, does this sound like a familiar scenario?

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