A photograph from the inspirational bin – 26

This is a section of what I would call a babbling book, part of the Canungra River, in a valley that is part of the Lamington National Park in Southern Queensland in Australia.

But as we writers are only too aware, it is so much more than that.

For instance: You could have been on a hike through the forest, and by a strange quirk of fate, got lost, and after staggering around in what was circles for a day, or two, you stumble across this creek. That thirst can now be slaked!

Alternatively, following a map to where you have been told there is gold, the river you have been paddling up had slowly narrowed down to this, and is going to make the rest of the journey by land, on foot, still a long way from the spot marked with an x.

Or you could just be on holiday, and this is a swimming hole and up or downriver, the best trout fishing to be found, and one of the best kept secrets. Except, when you finally take the plunge, a body floats to the surface, and suddenly, you are in the middle of a murder mystery.

Add to the situation the fact you are miles from anywhere, and that the killer could be nearby or gone, that idyllic stay in the cabin to be at one with nature is starting to look like the weekend in hell.

Once again, there are endless possibilities.

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