Top Gun: Maverick – A review

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, I don’t like Tom Cruise.


Why does he star in so many great films?

Clearly, I’m wrong about him.

Oddly enough I saw the first Top Gun movie and loved it, from my point of view, I love the planes and the flying sequences.

The latest Top Gun entry is even better.

It makes my once-upon-a-time wish to be a fighter pilot one that I should have strived harder to fulfil, but one that is impossible in this country with such a small requirement for fighter pilots.

Oh well…

Moving on.  As you would expect of the best of the best, an impossible mission is set up, and for an hour or so all of them fail, as you would expect.

Who cares.

It’s the flight sequences we’ve come to see, not Tom Cruise, or at least I’m probably the only one who has, and they are great.

Oh, and I did come to see Jennifer Connolly too, obviously taking a break from Snowpiercer and the unrelenting cold for somewhere a lot warmer.

It gets a little tense in places, but it fits the story perfectly without overplaying it or letting it dominate the story.  This is about the best pilots doing the impossible, which is no less than we could ask of them.

Similarly, the romantic undertone is played to perfection, and also doesn’t distract us from what the story is about.

My only complaint is, what is the attraction of seeing Tom Cruise without a shirt?

I give it five stars.  It really is that good!

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