I thought everything was fine

So, one minute we are being told that the pandemic is over, that Covid is no longer a threat, and in the next, we are being told that hospitalisations are higher now than they were at the peak of the pandemic.

My question is, has it gone away, as a threat, or not?

I was never naive enough to believe that we had beaten it into ‘submission’ like many other diseases like polio or diphtheria, but the vaccines had made a difference.

Have they?

It seems it having any number of vaccines doesn’t stop you from getting Covid, it’s just to make sure it doesn’t kill you but is that really true?

Perhaps in a lot of cases, it might, but the truth is, and this took a lot of coaxing out of the doctor, it should, should being the operative word, stop you from dying, but not necessarily so.

It seems if your number is up then it is up and no matter how much vaccine or jiggery-pokery medicine you have will stop it if it doesn’t want to be stopped.

Of course, it depends on the strain, and how deadly it is, and it seems the worst aspect of any new strain is how quickly it spreads, not how many it kills, and wisely the government is no longer telling us the daily death rates.

Wisely, or for the purposes of keeping calm among the people. We have no idea how bad the current situation is, and there are no budding Woodward and Bernstein’s out there willing to break the news story of the century…

Just how bad the pandemic ‘that isn’t’ is…

Maybe one day, when the last hundred people on earth are sitting huddled in a cave in the middle of nowhere will be thanking their lucky stars they ‘escaped” and thinking ‘we won’t let that happen again, will we?’

Forgetting, of course, they’re human, and it’s in our DNA to either kill each other or repeat history over and over, never learning from our mistakes.

It’d make a good story, wouldn’t it?

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