Just when you think you’ve found the right wordprocessor

It was as if Microsoft Word was sent down from that place in the universe where a group of torturers sit around a table to find new ways of making our lives just that little bit more difficult.

I mean, most of the time it works really well and behaves itself.


Then there are the times, usually when you are stressed about a deadline, or you are nearly at the end of what you believe to be the most brilliant writing you have ever put on paper.


Disaster strikes.

It could be the power goes off, even for just a few seconds, but it’s enough to kill the computer.  It could be that you have reached the end and closed Word down, thinking that it had autosaved, all the while ignoring that little pop up that says, ‘do you want to save your work’?

It’s been a long day, night, or session.  You’re tired and your mind is elsewhere, as it always is at the end.

You always assume that autosave is on.  It was the last time, it has been since the day you installed it however long ago that was.


When the power comes back on, you start the computer, go into Word, and it brings back all the windows you had open when the power failed, and the one with the brilliant piece you just wrote, it’s just a blank sheet.

Or up to where it last autosaved, which is nowhere near the end.

Or it didn’t save at all.

You forget the software updated recently and that always brings changes.  Usually unwanted changes.

By which time you have that sinking feeling that all is lost, deadline missed, brilliant work lost, it’s the end of the world.

You promise yourself you’re going to get Scrivener, or something else, where this doesn’t happen.

Or if you’re like me, you put the cat on the keyboard and tell him to sort the mess out.

5 thoughts on “Just when you think you’ve found the right wordprocessor

  1. I feel your pain. It’s my suspicion that Word is basically programmed for business use and is unable to cope with the complexities of writing for ‘The Arts’
    When I was finalising my last work Ctrl + S was used every few minutes and there was a memory stick constantly locked in for the same reason.

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  2. I’ve started using Google docs. It saves your work frequently. I suspect every few seconds. And as it’s not actually on your pc, if that goes down it’s still there. Also, I can use it on any device, anywhere.
    Take my tablet to my daughter’s? Have a brilliant idea? I can note it immediately in the doc I want.

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  3. This is a horrible thing to have happen and it’s happened to me too. One way to short circuit this is to save more often or maybe better to write in an email addressed to yourself as email software usually autosaves to draft every 4 minutes or so!!!

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