NaNoWriMo – 2022 – Day 7

Some people just don’t go away

Why do all the heads of clandestine operations look like they’re a hundred years old?…

Prendergast is no exception.

David thought once he had inexplicably exited the service, he would no longer see or hear of the old man again.

Susan had to disappear, and David has to go after her, and yes, he needed the old departmental resources.  And, it didn’t take long to realise taking anything from Prendergast came with a steep price.

Except for Alisha.  She takes more than a passing interest in David and has him on her radar, so when he gets into trouble, she’s there.  More than once.

Like himself, she was not a resource that Prendergast could completely control, and she is investigating, off book, an interesting relationship between Susan and Russia, so it was inevitable David and Alisha’s paths should cross again.

David is also intrigued that Prendergast is apparently more involved with Susan than ever before, an added complication to his path back into her life.

And with everything Prendergast did, there was always an ulterior motive. 

It might be to police that promise he made, that he got back together with Susan, or go back to work for Prendergast, or it might not.

It was yet another layer of intrigue surrounding the mysterious enigma that was the new Lady Featherington.

Words written today, 2,011, for a total of 14,818.

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