NaNoWriMo – 2022 – Day 5

A triumphant return, not!

Whether a spy or an ex-spy, for some, nothing ever goes according to plan. 

And, fortuitously or otherwise, David is saved from the press conference at the airport, relegated in his absence to become the forlorn husband struck down by a mysterious malaise.

It’s a bit hard to explain being cut up in a knife attack in an airport restroom. Especially when the perpetrator is still resting in a broken toilet stall.

David never expected that life with Susan was going to be normal, whatever normal was or could be.  The fact is, David never really got to know the Susan that he married, somewhat out of convenience to her, other than that he loved her.

With the mother she had, the friends she had, and the constant battle with all of them, it had been hard to find a reason why he had chased her all over Europe, much less what to get back what only could be described as trouble.

Perhaps it had been the opportunity to dive back into that murky world, one that he had hated, and yet quite possibly loved, and missed.

The chase over, it was either time to get reacquainted or move on.

And what better way than to dive headfirst into her heady lifestyle, move into the Featherington London residence, go to parties, meet her new friends, and try not to upset the house staff.

Those who were genuine servants and those, alas, who were not.

Words written today, 2,609, for a total of 10,890.

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