Is it a problem to get lost in your make-believe world for a while?

It seems that we can be completely focused on a single task to the detriment of all else, and, when that task is complete, suddenly we feel totally drained.

That’s how I feel right now.

The end of one year, and the current one is almost three-quarters over…  Where did the time go?

All I have to do is get past the publication of my next two books, take a few days off, and then I should be invigorated.  Perhaps COVID will have something to do with it because it will be more of the same, rather than a brave new world, we will be counteracting new surges and variations with resultant isolations, so it will be more of a case of head down, tail up, with nowhere to go, no travel to plan, and not able to go anywhere other than the shops, the doctor or the chemist.

For computer programmers who never leave their semi-darkened lair, ordering in pizza and Coke, it must have been a Godsend.

Given that I prefer to be at home, working on any number of stories, it usually is for me.

But, have I been working too hard, and it’s finally got to me.  I mean, you can only write so much before the brain starts to fry?

But, at the very least. I have been working on two novels that needed to be completed, not that they are exactly there yet, and other than NaNoWriMo kicked along last year, and I’m still writing a few pages a night, and two others that are now ready for the final edit.

This has all happened to the detriment of my episodic stories, which have lain idle since October 2020, and then I picked up one and wrote two or three more episodes, just to keep it ticking over.  The other one still has five spares to publish soon.  The third, I’ve finally finished and I am feeling pleased with myself.

And now that I’m over that panic that April brought, it’s about to set in again with the next NaNoWriMo, I hope I can get through it without much effort this year, creating another 60,000-word novel.

Something else that pleases me, and is entirely unexpected, is that I have sold a number of copies of my books in the last month or so.  I know I’m not about to be vying for the top of the bestseller list, but it’s still satisfying.

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