Plots ripped from the front pages of newspapers

This is not new, but …

I’ve been reading about the disabling of ships near the Straits of Hormuz, a rather interesting place for such events to happen because if something serious was to happen, like a ship or ships being sunk there, that would cut off the worlds oil supply.

It is said that there are alternatives because I’m sure someone has thought of the inevitable happening, that a rogue nation might decide that if they can’t sell their oil, then no one will, and made alternate arrangements.


That too seems to have been considered and damage has been inflicted on the pipeline, just to show the world they, whoever they are, can cut off oil any time they want.

So, what will happen, if the inevitable happens?

Read “Last Light”, but Alex Scarrow, and be prepared to be horrified at the possibilities.


It may very well cause the whole world to fall into anarchy.

We all once thought a rogue nation might pre-empt a nuclear strike, with deadly missiles going in all directions, but it appears that’sd the least of our problems.

Cut off oil, probably the most depended on item in the world, and the results will be catastrophic.

Hopefully, this will only remain a plotline to be exploited by fertile imaginations and never become a reality.

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