In a word: Miner

A miner is a person or entity that works in a mine that produces coal or any of the metallic ores.

Before the invention of mechanical devices, all mining was done by human miners, whose longevity was cut short after breathing in the dust, or mine shafts collapsing.

A miner is also one of several Australian birds that feed on honey and typically make a lot of noise.

A miner is also insect larvae that make tunnels in leaves.

A miner was also once a person who placed or laid mines in the ocean to sink enemy ships.

And a fancy name for a person who trawls computer stored information in a database is called a data miner.

And, in the age of crypto currency, the person who handles it is called a miner too.

There are also birds of the Myna family found in Asia that can mimic speech, and is kept as a rather unique pet.

Miner should not to be confused with the word minor which signifies lesser importance, not serious, or of lower rank

A minor is a person under the legal age of full responsibility, i.e. a child.

It is also a secondary academic subject when studying for a degree

In American baseball, there is the major league and then the minors, where hopefuls try to shine.

Rather oddly the Morris motor car company built two specific cars, one a Morris Major and one a Morris Minor.


Well, the Major was a bigger car for a family, and the Minor a smaller car, much in the shape of the VW beetle, and one which we used to own many, many years ago. All I remember of it was the exhaust fumes and that it didn’t go up hills when we were all in it.

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