It all started in Venice – Episode

A file can be boring or interesting

Jaime Elizabeth Meyers was not your ordinary woman.  She had not been born into a criminal dynasty, far from it, she was the daughter of a local village vicar and devout mother, both of whom did their level best to drive her to push boundaries.

And eventually ending up in jail after committing an endless streak of petty crimes culminating in the accidental death of a friend.

That’s when she came to the attention of William Andrew Jackson who happened to be in court the same day and Si impressed with her larcenous behaviour, decided there and then he had to have her.

Jackson was only at the beginning of a career that would last twenty years and eventually get him ambushed and killed in horrendous circumstances in a vicious fight over turf.  He lost.

Jaime become a mother to three children, two of whom belonged to William; and a third to an unnamed lover that was assumed to be a member of that rival family that had arranged her husband’s death.  And the child  was such a well kept secret the investigative team only found out by chance, from a woman who made a very simple mistake.

It was not a subject the report dwelt on, just a footnote.  A very useful footnote.

The report noted the first instance of Jaime being contacted by Larry, and that simple act was enough for them to open a file.

The next process, after the basic identification was a surface scrape of easily obtainable facts about her.  Family, friends, acquaintances.  Property, bank accounts, businesses and associates.

It was where the extent of her business interests was unravelled.  Apparently, her husband set up the initial beauty salon for Jaime to amuse herself through the day, not intending to turn it into the business it did.

But, seeing an opportunity, William saw an opportunity to use the shop fronts as a means to distribute drugs and provide sex-based services.  While he was alive, she refused, seeing her efforts bearing fruit without having to resort to criminal activities

With the death of her husband, and them learning of the consequences of a man who had no head for business, found herself trying to survive unrepayable loans.  It led to having to implement the very services she hated just to survive

And she was discovering that it was a very lucrative service with a lot of very rich clients.

Products used in the salons and spa retreats came from France mainly and other places along with hidden drugs of all descriptions, and girls who worked in the establishments, legal or illegal came from the Baltic and Russian provinces, people who would do anything to stay.  At the very least it appeared she treated them very well.

Then there were the daily surveillance logs, and intercepted phone calls, including those to Larry.  It certainly read like it was not a marriage of convenience, but purportedly of mutual benefit though it seemed the benefit was all Larry’s, which begged the question of why she would acquiesce when she definitely didn’t need anything from him, or his assistance.

There were log entries over several days where deliveries of wooden crates had been made, and one in particular when Larry accompanied the crates.  What was in those crates may well have precipitated the raid, so it was an item of interest when I finally spoke to the police representative.

I hadn’t finished reading the file when the driver stopped outside the police station where Jaime was being questioned.  Rodby wasn’t coming with me.

“Play nice.  We need to question her about Larry, and, if possible, turn her against him.  Make sure she understands we’re not after her, unless, of course, she doesn’t co-operate and give us Larry.”

“She may not want to.  Her profile tells me we might not get anything out of her at all.”

“Then it’s up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

© Charles Heath 2022

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