Love you like that – A Review

It seems that for the last year or so all we’ve been able to see at the movies is Australian films.

That might be because Hollywood has not been producing too many films because of COVID safety protocols, but for whatever reason, there’s been a flurry of Australian-made films hitting the cinemas.

And, once upon a time, I used to cringe when viewing anything made in this country, simply because of what was perceived to be our national identity and unique sense of humour.

We still have that, but toned back to the point where we still have that sense of uniqueness, but these days is displayed in a more contemporary setting, one that could be here, or almost mistaken for anywhere else in the world.

Of course, there are some characters that are seemingly over the top, but these seem to be more for comic light relief from a number of more serious themes that play out, one who finds it difficult to propose marriage, one who laments not knowing his mother, an missing-in-action husband, and the drifting apart of a brother and sister.

And then there is Mim, the woman washed ashore with amnesia, who arrives fortuitously to resolve all of the above, over the course of a single day, or the two hours running time, time that passed quickly and didn’t fail to entertain.

While the premise might have stretched the imagination a little too far, at least everything was tied up in a neat package in the end.

It rates four stars out of five.

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