A photograph from the inspirational bin – 30

This is a rotunda at Newfarm Park in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We were here a week or so ago to attend an open wedding in the park, in fact, under one of the majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees which is shaped much like an umbrella.

Weddings are conducted in the rotunda only if it is wet.

So, my first inclination is to write a story about a wedding that doesn’t quite go to plan, which I venture to say would be quite a few.

The one I attended had a few hiccups along the way, the odd bout of nerves, and a little tension from the lack of planning, or a practice.

But, in the end, all is well

Our story though will be slightly different. I have always wanted to attend a wedding where:

-The bride or groom or both didn’t turn up

-The celebrant got lost

-Someone had an objection when asked I’d someone had any reason why the wedding shouldn’t take place and the reason

-A fight breaks out between the bride and groom’s families, though that’s usually at the reception after when more alcohol has been consumed and feelings are running high.

-The bride or groom, at the last second, says ‘I don’t’.

But if it’s not a wedding, I’d use it as a meeting place for two old lovers who had made a pact seventy years before, no matter what happened, and if they were still alive, they’d meet there.

How much water would there have been under that bridge?

And conversely, two new acquaintances, in a stolen moment, decide to run away together and meet at the rotunda before leaving … only one of the siblings told their parents.

The wrong time!

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