A photo from the inspirational bin – 28

A long and winding road on the way up to O’Reilly’s retreat, a guesthouse in the Lamington National Park, Queensland.

But, as you know, the ordinary, or sometimes the extraordinary can be so much more than just a place.

For instance:

This could be a track up the side of a mountain to an eerie belonging to a reclusive billionaire with a secret laboratory that builds life-like robots for purposes yet to be discovered. That’s your job, the unassuming, almost invisible, Agent X, so mysterious you don’t even have a name.

You could be lost, and after three days and nights staggering around in the forest, finally stumble across this track, thinking it will lead you to safety and civilization, only…

… you find, at the end of the track, you’ve gone back over 2100 years to a gold rush town where life, as you know it, is non-existent. It’s no place to be found with that mobile cell phone or strange clothes.

Or, it’s just a track.

The possibilities are endless…

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