Monday came and went, and now it’s Thursday

I had so many things planned, those little bits and pieces that seem to get away from you.

It’s now Wednesday night and I have only just come back to this post to write some more or maybe finish it, but that should you some idea of how easy the simple things can get away from me.

To fill in the gaps in the story, I started to make a list of those bits and pieces, and that was the first mistake.

I frightened myself.

Tuesday disappeared in writing down what was on my writing slate. For instance,

Episodes 11 to 15 of the murder story, because my characters are having a fight in my head

Episode seventy something of the treasure hunt, which is getting very near the end – and it was a huge surprise, even to me

Episode forty sometghing of the Castello di Brolio story, where our defecting German rocket scientist has lost his rescuers, and the dogs are on the scent

The first episode of another WW2 story – one that is where our team is parachuting behind enemy lines, in a very cold environment. well it is the middle of winter…

Writing instead of insomnia  is actually giving me insomnia

Episodes 140 through 150 of Being Inspired, Maybe – Volume 3. This is a series of photographs, and the story inspired by them.

Just about finished editing Volume 2, and I’m about to publish Volume 1.

Episode 30 through 35 of PI Walthenson’s second case, a title had been created by the jury’s still out whether it’ll be adopted, and there’s an interesting dynamic developing between the son and the mother, a woman whom he is discovering to be nothing like the one he thought he knew.

And, don’t get me started on where I am with Strangers We’ve Become, because the rewrite seems to have stalled at page 360ish. The book is done but rereading told me, or the cat did far more emphatically, there a few gaps.  This needs to get done, and I need to stick the courage to the sticking point.

Wednesday arrived and I was looking at the list wondering what I was going to do next and realized that I’d been putting off writing the next few posts on the traveling blog which desperately need to be done.


Traveling blog times two, and now it’s Thursday.

Damn, where did the week go?

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