The 29th of February

I wrote this two years ago, not knowing what was going to happen, and now we do.  The world is no better off, some say we’re going through a third wave, and it’s only going to get worse.  No one, back then, was talking of mutations, or vaccines, just shutting everything down to try and eliminate the virus.

It didn’t work, although for the period of the shut down it kept it at bay, but that was not sustainable.  We have vaccines, but in a sense they are not the solution, just a temporary method of reducing the severity, but they do not stop the spread.

The virus has done something else that could not have been foreseen, it has created a divided society, and groups that are against the vaccine, and those against government’s taking away so-called freedoms.  It raises questions that if they can make decisions that are supposedly for our own wellbeing, how soon will that change into something more sinister?

As one of the more vulnerable due to a compromised immune system, I can only agree with the measures because it protects me, but it still worries me that those reasons could be applied with far reaching consequences.

That we live in troubled times is a fact of life.  Every day we wake to the news of more cases, and more death, and no end in sight.  

And the fact that our once lauded idea of a global economy, and shifting manufacturing, oil supplies, and food supplies into the hands of a few nations rather than within our own has shown to be very short sighted as supply chains slow, even stop, and store shelves empty, and countries are held to ransom.

All because of a virus.

It seems too convenient that it appeared out of ‘nowhere’ to spread like a wild fire through a tinder dry forest.  It’s the stuff of conspiracy theories, and fodder for thriller writers, only this is happening for real.  Let’s just hope this stiry doesn’t have an epilog that reads, the planet’s population is halved, and there’s no one over the age of 65 left.

For interesting reading, there are two movies that could be possible endings for this pandemic, “The Omegs Man” and “Logan’s Run”.  Far more scary is “Outbreak”.  Who said life doesn’t imitate art?


For three years this day doesn’t exist.

If fact, there are all manner of jokes that can and have been made about today.

Like, do people who are born on this day only have a birthday party once every four years, and, for a 20-year-old, you don’t look a day over 80!!

It seems to be a pivotal day, this year, for a variety of reasons.

The first, we’re sitting on the precipice of a worldwide health disaster brought on by something called the coronavirus.

And, no, I’m not talking about THAT brand of beer.

Some people are calling it a pandemic, some are saying its arrival in their country is inevitable, and others are saying it will not happen.

North Korea, of course, will be the only country that doesn’t have an outbreak.


It will be interesting to see what happens in America.

In Australia, we acknowledge its coming and are getting ready.   We’ve been rather good at keeping pests and bugs at bay for many years, but this one, this is a little trickier with its ease of transmission from carriers who don’t even know they have the virus.

But that’s probably the least of the problems.  With the financial markets in meltdown, we all sitting back and watching our retirement funds disappearing before our eyes.

This has happened before, fund managers ignoring the warnings and letting investors funds halve so that yesterday I had a million dollars and was looking comfortable in retirement, today, that’s only half a million, and not nearly enough.

And the markets are likely to sink lower as the fallout from the bug continues.

What happens when China (and Asia for that matter), where most of the world’s manufactured goods come from, completely come to a stop?

Panic buying, or panic in the streets?

I thought the Iran/America crisis was going to shut down the oil supply and cause problems.

It seems that a more simple problem, like a bug, is going to do a far better job of it.

And, what will the world be like next 29th of February in four years’ time?

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