NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 29

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A score to settle

I’m not going to get this finished, but there is an upside.

After writing the latest parts to the story, it gave me a sense of how it is going to end.

This story is probably the first where I had the end written before it started, a novel idea to writing stories, and it’s good to realize that after neatly 80,000 words, the end ties up the story exactly the way I wanted it to end.

It’s just what happens between the beginning and the end changed a lot during the month.

I dropped out the revenge part, which became a short story in itself, so it will be told later in a novella, and it made sense to stick to the original plan, the main character starts out as the protector, and is slowly drawn into the revolution.

He doesn’t have an active role in it, just maintaining a presence in the background, until Teresa forces his hand.

The rest, well, you’ll have to read the story when it’s finished. Tomorrow I’m going to try and write a blurb, that will give the reader some idea of what the story is about.

Today’s word count: 2,088 words, for the running total of 81,393.

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