NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 13

A score to settle

It’s 13 days in, and unlike many in the workforce, there is no chance of taking a break. Writing, for most of us, is not a nine to five job where at the end of the day you throw everything in the top drawer of your desk and go home.

Chances are, you’re already home, papers, research, and a whole lot more scattered around you. You look at the clock, and think any normal sensible person would be anywhere but where you are.

My say is nowhere bring done. After 8 hours of distractions, and trying to focus on what is important, for the umpteenth time, I’ve failed.

I haven’t written the required word count.

13 days in, I’m starting to feel the effects of working continuously on the job in hand. It’s not the physical part of the job, it’s the mental effect.

5 pm, and you can see that the day is not going to end well, or worse, that’s it’s never going to end. Perhaps having a proper plan which all but allows the story to write itself.

Even then, quite often things don’t go according to plan. Stories have a habit of going in directions that never seemed possible at the beginning.

Of course, that’s your fault because you gave the character life, and it chose to go its own way.

Damn characters.

So, I’m calling the characters into a meeting and telling them they need to rein in this free will I keep hearing about, and follow the path assigned to them.

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow.

Today’s word count: 2,736 words, for the running total of 30,654.

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