NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 11

A score to settle

Lying awake in bed at 3am is bad enough, you get to hear all those strange noises that happen while you’re asleep, and, if you have an active imagination, it doesn’t take long before you start associating those noises with bad things.

That’s only part of it.

I think the main reason I’m still awake is my subconscious telling me that it doesn’t like the title.

Here’s the thing…

It was appropriate when the story was going to shift to the finding out who it was that set our main character up for assassination. Yes, I’m writing the parts where those who were complicit are having their backstory relayed where it involves them in the events leading up to it, but I’m beginning to think that’s a story in itself.

I was reviewing the plan, and the chapter list as it stands, and that part of the story will add about 12 to 15 chapters at an average of 2,500 words each.

Added to the 75 others. That’s a lot of words, and work, to fit into the 30 days. So far the word count is around 20,000 for 10 days, so an end is not looking likely by the end of the month.

Not unless I give up the notion of sleep.

So, perhaps it’s not just the title that’s keeping me up.

OK, that was a loud bang and definitely not a cat or possum landing on the roof. I’m going to check, and if I don’t come back…

Today’s word count: 2,686 words, for the running total of 24,205.

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