NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 8

A score to settle

Back to the revolution.

How easy is it to find out who’s driving the revolutionary forces?

It’s not as if the leader is going to stand up and make a proclamation, and in turn, bringing down the country’s internal security forces.

Of course, the leader of those forces has a name, General Ramos, and is as ruthless and murderous as he tries to be urbane and charming, the very definition of a wolf on sheep’s clothing.

Equally, he and Delacrat often butt heads, but Ramos knows that having an honest man in charge of the police not only makes him very careful in what he does but says a lot about the image the military in running the country wants to project to the outside world.

So does Delacrat know there’s a plot afoot, and equally, what will be his reaction? Will he be sympathetic, or ruthless in hunting down the ringleaders?

Another facet to the revolution is going to be where Amanda, the keynote speaker our main character has been sent to protect, stands, because it’s likely she knows something about the plans for the revolution, and more importantly, those who are in charge of the rebel forces. Another factor in this dynamic, is that Amanda and he have history, so his job in remaining invisible in the background, a key element in doing his job, is going to be impossible.

That, for the moment, will be how this part of the story will unfold over the coming days.

Today’s word count: 2,385 words, for the running total of 18,476.

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