In a word: Dual

Ever heard of a dual carriageway, it’s a fancy name for a road that has at least two lanes each way.

Even more strange might be the expression, dual personalities. No, we’re not talking about a person who has schizophrenia , but someone who is a Gemini, and might be happy one minute and suddenly horrible the next.

I’m a Gemini and have first hand experience.

I learned to drive in a car with dual controls, and it was sometimes disconcerting to find the car stopping, and you were not doing it.

Dual controls also exist in airplanes, which I have to say is a good thing, especially if either of the pilots have a heart attack.

Some people have a dual nationality. I would have liked to be British as well as Australian, but it’s no longer possible, and like most countries you have to pick one and pledge your allegiance to it.

Or is that duel?

Let’s gets some swords and have a duel. I know who would win, and it would not be me.

OK, let’s switch to pistols and 20 paces, and alas, I don’t think I’d win that one either.

Duels are this actions people have with deadly weapons usually over a matter of honour. I’m not sure why those duels are at dawn when most people are still asleep, including the duellers.

I wonder if this duel thing had something to do with throwing down the gauntlet. It’s an interesting subject and one I’ll look into later.

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