There is never enough time for reading

And the point is, there should be.

To me, reading is an essential part of a writer’s life.  We see what others write, we see how others write, and we see what they write about.

It is an education in itself on the genre we eventually want to write for.  Call it homework, or very pleasant homework.


Between everything else I have to do around the house, the time set aside for writing, the time set aside for maintaining social media, the time set aside for family, is there any time left?

About an hour before I go to sleep, though that time is considerably shortened if the book is boring.

Fortunately, quite often they are not.

The other problem is the intervals between new books from my favorite authors is getting less as they take on co-writers, such as James Patterson and Clive Cussler.   And even more are now getting co-authors which means my to be read list is getting longer and longer.

It seems the only time I can steal more than an hour away is when I go away on holiday.  This we try to do several times a year, and this year we’ll be going to Melbourne, and then a week in Tasmania.

There’s only one other problem involved, the fact books are so much cheaper there, and I’ll be buying more.

Damn.  It’s a never-ending cycle.

But, at the moment, the list reads like this,

Len Camarda, The Seventh Treasure

Edgar Wallace, The Clue of the new Pin

Nicola Upson, Nine Lessons

Matt Gallagher, Youngblood

Sam Peters, From Darkest Skies

And, of course, about a hundred others.

As odd as it sounds I’m looking forward to the few hours in the plane seeing many airlines are now doing away with inflight entertainment.  I’m sure food will be next.

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