It’s dark, it’s late, it’s raining…

Yes, it’s dark and late at night on this side of the world, and I’m guessing where you are, it’s probably winter, the sun’s disappeared, the day is freezing cold, and you’ve having a hard time keeping warm.

Here, in the so-called land down under, which surprisingly a lot of people from the other side of the world do not know about, it is wet, and cool where it should be sunny and hot as well as humid.

Now, hang on, that can’t be true others don’t know about us, because we all know the world is round and there has to be something or somewhere opposite.  I know that north we have China, and Europe, and further away, the United States.

Been to China, and Europe and the United States, so I know you’re all there, somewhere.

And, as you can see, the rain and the cold has amped up the boredom factor and pushing me to do anything other than writing.  I have three jobs I’m supposed to be doing,

  1. Editing Walthenson PI, a Private Detective novel
  2. Writing two episodes of a serial story about surveillance going wrong, and
  3. Finishing off the travelogue about our China trip

None of them is appealing to me at the moment.

Instead, I find myself looking at what is showing on Winter TV in the US, one of which is Snowpiercer, and is suitably cold.  It’s also complicated, and sometimes a little hard to follow which means it takes two viewings to understand what’s going on.


Then there’s several of my favourites, FBI, The Rookie, a new show called The Equalizer, a new version of an old TV show I used to watch many years ago.  Another was Bridgerton, which was odd but interesting since we like those Jane Austen like programs.  Now there’s Miss Scarlett and the Duke, set in Victorian England.

There was Resident Alien, but it took a turn for the worse in the second episode, and I could take it or leave it, and The Blacklist, where Liz and Red are butting heads more than is necessary, and it’s time to get back to catching bad guys.  If not, it might also drop off my viewing list.

There’s more, but I better get back to work.

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