NaNoWriMo (April) – Day 27

I want a high octane ending, and I’ve been trying to visualise it in my mind.

I’m sure it’s a lot like how a director of a movie sees the end product and then tries to translate that onto the screen.

I can see in in my head, but it’s not translating onto paper.

I’d also like to write it like that so the reader can almost be sitting in the front row seat as it all unfolds,

But in a matter of weeks our once happy travel agent has gone from dispensing advice to others on how to have a good holiday, to a man caught in the middle of storm.

People he’s only read about in papers and books had been appearing out of left field forcing him into making decisions he never thought he would have to.

He’s discovered his parents were not exactly the people he thought they were.

He’s discovered people can appear to be anything other than who they really are.

And he’s discovered he has the strength to overcome adversity.

Going back to the travel agency is going to be as boring a hell for him now.

Today’s effort amounts to 2,267 words, for a total, so far, of 64,343.

More tomorrow.

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