Trick or treat?

I’m not sure why we in Australia have trick or treating. We never used to, and when I was a kid, quite a long time ago, the only knowledge of this event was derived from the American television shows on TV.

If and when we were allowed to watch them, because back in those days, having a television was a luxury few people could afford.

But, since having grand children, rather than our own, this halloween thing had become a regular event. The girls will come around our place, dress up in their ghoulish outfits and hit the streets.

Why our streets rather than their own, there are more people handing out candy in this neighbourhood than theirs.

Yes, last year, the buckets they took were filled.

And, so we come to this year, the year of COVID 19. It’s interesting to realise just how many sports and institutions this virus has disrupted this year, and Halloween was no exception.

The girls decided to come around our place for a Halloween themed lunch, passed on the dress up, and didn’t go out trick or treating. Too dangerous, they said, in the current health climate, even though we have had no community transmission for some time.

It’s good to see they are constantly thinking of not only their health but that of their parents, and us, their grandparents.

But, all the same, we had people come to the door, and instead of us handing out the candy, we left it in charge of our youngest grand daughter, who did the outside decorations, and for effect, covered herself in cobwebs and spiders (not real of course), and I’m not sure who got the biggest scare.

All in all, it was about a quarter of what it was last year where we were up and down every few minutes over a two and a half hour period.

And unlike last year, this year we had left over candy, so I suppose I can’t complain about that.

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