NaNoWriMo Day 30 + 9

It’s the ninth update after we were supposed to finish the November book.

And, yes, we’re well past the 50,000 words we were supposed to write. In this case, we’re past 100,000 too.

This session has seen Marigold discovering the disadvantages of magic, not that she has any, except to the fact she can hear her younger sister Ophelia’s voice in her head.

But before all that comes to pass, Marigold finds herself in a dilemma, having to go out and hunt for her own food. Being a Princess, that was all done for her, no going out into the wild and having to kill innocent creatures. Before, it was just meat.

It’s just another of those life lessons, like fighting the enemy to stay alive.

How much can a princess bear? Stay turned, it can only get worse.

For this session the word count has increased by 3,982 words, for a running total of 109,686.

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