Sport, sport and more sport

I’m supposed to be writing my quota of words for NaNoWriMo, but there’s a problem.

After a late night, the Maple Leafs are playing the Philadelphia Flyers at 9 am our time, Brisbane, so I’ve got to get up and put it on.

And, yes, the usual problem crops up, the internet is running slowly and connecting to the live feed is traumatic. It starts working, just in time for the national anthems, and once again we are able to hear that of our adopted country, Canada.

Then we get to see the first few minutes before the internet dies. What can you expect when the government takes on a huge infrastructure project. Delays, cost overruns, and compromises as it looks to rein in costs. Result, an internet that’s utter crap.

We get to see parts of the first period, none of the second. I call my daughter who’s as invested in ice hockey as we are, and tells us she’s using a different host. We change, and it all comes good, so much so we get to see the last period, the overtime, and then an exemplary bout of goal keeping from Frederick Anderson, to win us the game in the shootout.

By that time it’s after noon.

Time for writing? No. I have to make some meatball pasta with spaghetti for tonight.

That consumes the next couple of hours.

Now the cricket is on, Australia playing Pakistan in a T20, and as we don’t usually have time to watch it, today we do.

Maybe later.

3 thoughts on “Sport, sport and more sport

    1. A long story short, my daughter went to Toronto years ago and got taken to a hockey game and loved it. We went back with her about three years ago, went, and loved it too. We took our 7 year old granddaughter, and she made a hit with the Leafs fans with her Go Leafs Go chant, so much so all these beer drinking hardened supported made her an unofficial mascot, and it was a treat to see her leading a very loud chant from our corner.
      Unforuntately they lost that night but it did not diminish the excitment of the night or all the new friends we made.
      We’ve since been back once, yes, they lost again, but then we realised they were playing in Nre Jersey a couple of days later, and as we were in New York, well, you get the picture. Great hamburgers, a very strange toy, and we won, what could be better than that?
      Now, we watch in over the internet, when it works, and have only missed two or three games so far. Still waiting for that Mathews, Marner, Reilly, and Tavares magic to return…


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